A testimony is the written or spoken record of anything that God has done. They reveal the nature of God and how He does things. This awareness of who God is creates an expectation in our hearts for God’s ways to be manifested in our lives. The Hebrew root word for “testimony” means “do again”.

Revelation 19:10 says, “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

When we declare what God has done, power is released to make that testimony happen again in the lives of those who hear it. Keeping the testimony caused Israel to “set their hope in God”—that is, to sustain their expectation for God to keep His promises through His miraculous invasions of power. Meditation on the testimonies trains your mind to think from the realm of faith.

David made it clear that it was his study of the testimonies that enabled him to access such a powerful revelation of God: “I have more understanding than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my mediation” (Ps. 119:99).

– Excerpts from chapter 7 of Bill Johnson’s Strengthen Yourself In The Lord


“The Spirit of the Lord is alive and well at LifePoint Church in Tallahassee! Had an excellent first time visit with congregation and ministry leaders of the church this past Sunday. Welcomed with warm, caring and open arms as we worshiped and lifted up the name of Jesus together. Pastor Richard’s message was powerful, fresh, and God-anointed words of wisdom. Praise and worship music absolutely Spirit filled. New wine flows in the building of LifePoint!”
– Robin