Testimonies from Mexico

There was a particular 28 year old girl that was present in one meeting, who Richard had prophesied over in another meeting 10 years prior to this one. Since that word, she has seen the impossible take place fulfilling that prophetic word in her life. She got a job in the senate, and has been able to give her parents a house and help many family members find employment.

A man with a tumor in his back felt the fire of God moving up his back, and he was instantly healed.

At one service the fire of God was falling in the room–and at least 40 people raised their hands testifying to feeling the fire of God.

Mother from Monterrey visiting her son was healed in right wrist through a word of knowledge which was so specific to her in a room of 50 that her husband gave his life to the Lord.

A word of knowledge was given for itching hands and a woman begins weeping as the power of God began instantly healing her. It was found out later that this actually happens sometimes with pregnant ladies who have liver issues and can kill the baby.

Asthma was healed.

A lady had been losing her ability to walk and had to use crutches, but her legs were strengthened and she no longer needs the crutches.

Parents wanted their 8 year old boy prayed for because they said he was rebellious. Holy Spirit helped Richard to hear what the boy was hearing and instructed him to bow down and look the boy in the eyes and prophesy directly to him his calling–and the boy’s eyes lit up.