Man was Greatly Encouraged

Last week, a couple of young adults were on a “Treasure Hunt” in a sporting goods store. One of them felt they would see somebody they knew. They happened upon an older gentleman trying on shoes who looked like one of their co-workers. One of the hunters had left knee as an item on their list. The gentleman trying on shoes had a bone sticking out in his knee so they approached him. They found out it wasn’t bothering him but they began to speak into his life. His father, who he knew but not well, had just recently passed. A miscommunication on dates by another family member caused him to miss the funeral. Both of the treasure hunters had something to the affect of salvation and heaven on their list. They were able to encourage him that his father had gone to heaven and this greatly encouraged him. They continued to encourage him to go back to the things spoken over him as a child that he would do for God. These words were well received and there were lots of hugs and smiles.
– Hillary