The desires of your heart

A friend shared with me a testimony that I felt compelled to share with others. It seems many years ago, when she was much younger, she went through some tough times. I won’t go into the gory details, but she was even told by some ‘professionals’ that she would never be able to hold down a job. One evening while she was at a prayer meeting, a woman approached her and said she ‘had a word’ for her. The woman told her that “God wanted to give her the desires of her heart, but she needed to tell Him what they were.” My friend took this to heart and that evening began to make a list of things she wanted in her life. Top of the list was to find a man who would love her for who she was. He had to be artistic and enjoy music. He had to be mature and have ‘been through the fire’. She also didn’t want to be distracted by someone who was not serious. “Don’t waste my time,” she said. Most of all he had to be a man of God. She then began to pray.

Man was Greatly Encouraged

Last week, a couple of young adults were on a “Treasure Hunt” in a sporting goods store. One of them felt they would see somebody they knew. They happened upon an older gentleman trying on shoes who looked like one of their co-workers. One of the hunters had left knee as an item on their list. The gentleman trying on shoes had a bone sticking out in his knee so they approached him. They found out it wasn’t bothering him but they began to speak into his life.

signs of getting better from an autoimmune disease

I’m showing signs of getting better from an autoimmune disease! Today, while at my holistic doctor, as we tested my body for improvements or declines in health, multiple tests showed this autoimmune disease is decreasing in severity. Through being faithful in taking my recommended supplements, eating a specific diet, making declarations of truth over myself, and having many people pray with me to get better, God is proving faithful to heal me of all my diseases and sicknesses!
– Erica

the spirit of the lord is alive and well

The Spirit of the Lord is alive and well at LifePoint Church in Tallahassee! Had an excellent first time visit with congregation and ministry leaders of the church this past Sunday. Welcomed with warm, caring, and open arms as we worshiped and lifted up the name of Jesus together. Pastor Richard’s message was powerful, fresh, and God-anointed words of wisdom. Praise and worship music absolutely Spirit-filled. New wine flows in the building of LifePoint!
– Robin

Woman prays for co-workers headache

A woman walked into a co-workers office to ask a question. It seemed like something was wrong so she asked her co-worker if there was. She replied that she had a headache. So the woman asked if she could pray for her and she agreed. The woman simply put her hand on the head of her co-worker and said “pain leave”, and it did. Then they continued with their conversation as if it were a normal part of the flow.

No More Crutches

One man’s experience when he attended Healing Rooms one Saturday morning in his own words.

“I was supposed to have surgery on my knee and have a knee replacement. I went to the church on a pair of crutches. They prayed over my knees. Before I left that church, I could be able to jump, sprint, and kick my leg where I was not able to do that before. The amazing thing is that I walked out of that church without a pair of crutches.”